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Meet: Lucy

South Carolina ditch dog (mutt)
Patricia Amanda Weir
Rochester NY

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Lucy has been working hard to make try outs for Santa’s Sleigh.

Lucy is a fun, loving, energetic 5 year old South Carolina Ditch Dog. She is a self titled South Carolina Ditch Dog Abassador promoting rescue and adoption of homeless pets. She takes her role as Miss South Carolina Ditch Dog (A self given crown) very seriously! Showing everyone she meets her amazing bend it like Beckham soccer skills. She has an infectious love and joy that she exudes every waking minute.
Goose, Lucy Lou , itty bitty pitty, wild thing
Her ball, her friends, long walks/runs, more time with her ball, swimming
Not being paid attention to
Favorite Foods: 
Compressed bones with peanut butter filling, baby carrots
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing with her ball, playing with her friends, swimming

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