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Meet: Kreacher & Dobby

English/Olde English Bulldog
Samantha Bird
Duluth, MN

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My boys are 5 months old and the sweetest happiest little bulldogs. They are brothers named after Harry Potter house elves. Their favorite things to do are play keep-away with each other and snuggle with mom and dad. They love their sisters (the cats) a little more than their sisters like them. They have been the best additions to our family.
5 months
Dobber, Dobs, Dobber Bobber
Sticks, Cats, Treats, Snuggles, and Grandma
When they get scolded for trying to eat their sisters (cats) food...
Favorite Foods: 
Anything mom allows us to eat... Especially our maple, bacon, blueberry Buscuits
Favorite Pastimes: 
Keep-away, snuggles, playing with the cats, meeting new people, eating everything in sight.

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