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Meet: Khaos

German Shepherd
Suzie Wix
Pigeon Forge

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Khaos loves, loves, loves water!!! He started jumping in the shower when he was only 6 weeks old!! He is a frisbee nut as well as Kong crazy and will do ANYTHING to get you to throw them for him. But above all he is a sweetheart and just is so full of Love. When he was born he wasn't breathing and it took 10-15 minutes of them working on him before he came around and he just totally loves life and lives it to the fullest every second of the day
...I call him "My Krazy Khaos"....
15 months
KK, Tinker Butt
Water, Frisbees, Chasing his Kong's and playing with all his pack brothers and sisters!!!
Haven't found any yet except not getting to go with us when we leave he just cries and barks and even howels.
Favorite Foods: 
Taste of the Wild
Favorite Pastimes: 
Swimming, running and playing

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