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Meet: Keeper & Vicky

Toy Poodles
Carole Sabourin

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my 2 gorgeous babies love to play, run and cuddle with each other and their Mama...extremely smart and clever for 6 months old and life without my 2 babies would be very very boring...who needs T.V. when you have Keeper and Vicky..they are all the entertainment we need and keep us laughing all day long....this is not an unusual picture, Keeper has done that many times before; they are 2 weeks apart and they act like an old married this picture they are lounging on their bed looking at all the cars and people go by after a long morning of running and playing and driving their Mama crazy .......but she adores them anyway.
6 months
snow, walks and treats
being left alone
Favorite Foods: 
liver and roast
Favorite Pastimes: 
cuddling and playing

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