Moderndog Photo Contest Entry- Kali, Tucker, Maysie, Sienna, and Tracker

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Meet: Kali, Tucker, Maysie, Sienna, and Tracker

Amy sue looby

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From Left to Right:
Kali- coonhound foster fail! Crazy personality but I love her anyways!

Tucker- my rescue lab/hound mix who was my original dog in this pack. He's my protector, the separator, the stubborn yet lovable one! He's my alpha. Him & Maysie are the veteran picture takers

Maysie- Sheltie who bosses these 4 around and is little miss princess!

Sienna- Rescue English Shepherd- silly,goofy, &Tracker's best friend!

Tracker- Rescue german/pit who loves sienna but is a lazy pup!
Kalgirl, TuckNug, MayMay, Siennabanana, Trackattack
Balls, Bones, long walks, playtime, tennis balls, treats, the lake
Cats, smoke detector, thunderstorma
Favorite Foods: 
Anything mom is eating And bones. We live for bones.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Tennis balls, chasing each other around the house , shedding everyday everywhere

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