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Meet: Gronk

Megan Wilder
Brunswick, Georgia

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Gronk is our 100 pound Rottweiler puppy. He is the sweetest and goofiest puppy we know. He brings us so much joy and laughter each and every day. He has his own Facebook page. We created this page because Rottweilers get such a bad wrap and we want to show the world how loving this breed can be when raised in a loving environment. Gronk is extremely friendly with other animals and people. To know Gronk is to love Gronk.
11 Months
Gronkiekong, Gronkster and Gronkie
Playing with his buddies, running on the beach, chasing his ball and laying on your lap.
Nothing. He's a big goofy fun loving giant.
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken and treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing with his family and friends.

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