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Meet: Forrest Rickard

Australian Shepherd
Callie Rickard

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I got to take my dog, Forrest to the beach for the first time in April of this year! I captured this once in a lifetime shot of him with the ocean breeze blowing his fur and the sand in his cute paws. He gave the beach two very enthusiastic paws up! We can't wait to go back!
Little dude, baby boy, sweetheart, angel
smiling, peanut butter, Sonic icy water, soccer balls, car rides, borking, ankle scratches, squirrels
storms, weird noises, when his human is stressed, going to the vet, not being with his human
Favorite Foods: 
peanut butter, chicken (especially nuggets from Chick-Fil-A), cheese, puppachinos, eggs, whatever his human is having
Favorite Pastimes: 
being cute, smiling, doing tricks, snacking, playing in the shower, walkies, playing soccer and frisbee, sticking his head out the car window

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