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Meet: Charlotte

Great Pyrenees
Morgan Lytle
Somewhere in GA

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This is Charlotte, our Great Pyrenees rescue pup. She's only 9 months old in this photo. She's a loving, guardian of all that lives within the four corners of our home. As mentioned she's a rescue and we had no idea how she would react to being indoors after being left outdoors her entire life with little contact. Turns out she's brilliant and so very sweet! She loves children too.
14 months
The AC, her babies, biscuits, her little rescue buddy Annie, her family, plastic bottles, hugs and kisses
Predators in her yard, mean people, being told what to do lol
Favorite Foods: 
Biscuits (p-nut butter dog treats)
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing with her daddy and car rides

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