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Meet: Charlie Anne and Oscar

A Pitbull and A Boston Terrier
Sarah Jane Moore

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Charlie was a rescue after she was found hit by a car, had heartworms, demodex, and was pregnant. Since then she's had two hip surgeries and has hypothyroidism. Oscar was given to me because he was no longer showable or breedable. Despite size and personalities these two are best friends. Charlie has taken up the job as Oscar's protector and treats him like her puppy. They are so funny and are always getting themselves into trouble. The two "unwanted" dogs have made two of the best companions.
5 years and 10 months
playing, running wild, FOOD, Lei and Lou bandanas, and updating Instagram: @charlieanneandoscar
being told no, waiting patiently for food
Favorite Foods: 
purina one, petco cookie treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
eating, playing outside

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