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Meet: Chai

Landseer Newfoundland

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♡ Hi there, my name’s Chai, I’m a 2-year-old rescue newf who is currently training to be a service dog (therapy 1st).

When I was 11-months-old my past family decided they didn’t want me anymore: I was “too big & scary”, they tried to sell me online on Kijiji (“free to a good home”) … luckily for me a rescue group saw this & took me instead.

I now happily spend my days either: sleeping (on any cold surface I can find), learning so many new things, and/or playing with my housemate Babette. ♡
Chai-chai, Mr. Puppy, Little Man, Thing 2, & Chai-Tea-Latte
Ice cubes, snow, cardboard boxes, walks, zooming, & my family.
Having my feet groomed, loud noises, wearing my harness, & (following) rules.
Favorite Foods: 
Liver treats, apples, peanut butter, lactose-free yogurt, "Pig Skin Twists", & cheese.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Sleeping, playing tug with Babette, training, going on walks, & cuddling.

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