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German Shepherd
Glauci&Justin Rosen
Santa Ana, CA

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My name is Bond (my parents 007 backyard secret agent). I was born Jan21 2013 and I am a purebreed German Shepherd. I love avocados...even though mom and dad collect them out as soon as they hit the ground...but if they are not looking yum yum...I have so many toys that I don't really need to destroy mom and dad's furniture. They love that. Soon I'll be going to college to be the best pet I can be. I can't wait to go to the beach and paddle surf with daddy. I am happy lucky dog!
3 months
Avocados (but not allowed). People of all ages
clean his ears
Favorite Foods: 
Nutro..Orapup bacon tongue cleaner...tooth paste
Favorite Pastimes: 
run in the yard

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