Trailer for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

Combine Tim Burton's signature aesthetic with a tale about a boy and a (reanimated) dog, and you've go us hooked. Check out the trailer. Are you looking...more

Volkswagon Enlists Dogs to Bark “Star Wars” theme song

The teaser for the new VW commercial, "The Bark Side," which will air during the Superbowl, is both hilarious and supremely annoying. The best part? The...more

The White House Decorates for the Holidays... With a Bunch of Little Bo’s

The White House is getting into the holiday spirit, doggone it. It unveiled its holiday decorations this week, and a certain four-legged member of the Obama...more

Robert Pattinson Saves Death-Row Dog. Sigh.

Robert Pattison Saves Dog more

Katherine Heigl's 5000 Adoption Challenge

The actress and animal advocate is a dedicated proponent of animal welfare. Along with her mom, Nancy, she founded the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, in memory...more

The Elephant Sanctuary Mourns Loss of Bella the Dog

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee announced the passing of Bella, the canine half of one of the world’s most famous animal odd couples, on Wednesday...more

Best in Show

Following Thanksgiving dinner (if you’re American, that is), tune in with nearly 20 million other viewers to the 10th anniversary edition of The National Dog...more

Don't Hate Me Because I'm ______, Adopt Me Because I Need You

Help for the underdog: a campaign for the overlooked and older shelter animals in need of a little PR boost. more

Your Dog is Watching You

Is your body language at the root of your dog’s bad behaviour? A new study published by the online journal Learning and Behavior reveals that training doesn’t...more

Furry Friends Find Port in Storm

Like the majority of cats, domestic shorthair Nathan hates water. So when Hurricane Irene flood warnings hit the news, his owner, Xiomara Estevez, took action...more


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