Greyhound cross Whippet

Meet Tilly

Tilly is full of energy and loves to trick other dogs into chasing her just so she can tire them out. She grew up with cats and now thinks that she is a cat and likes to lick her paws and get chin scratches. She is scared of a lot things such as babies, balloons, plastic bags, baths, hamsters and more. Tilly's an extremely loving dog and will always be ready to give snuggles out when you're feeling down. Every morning she is happy to see me and me her, I couldn't have asked for a better friend.

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 years
  • Nicknames Tillabeth Ebony Carson
  • Dislikes Loud noises, cars and things being on her seat
  • Foods Cheese, cucumbers and grapes
  • Pastimes Going to the beach and racing in the park
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