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Meet daphnia-appleblossom

Our daphnia appleblossom brings joy every time she leaves our home. Whether we go to groceries or farmers' markets, or even restaurants we are constantly getting asked if someone can pet her or take her picture. She often also licks the person, which, for small children, and even big ones, means extra smiles. For some of the restaurants, if we do not bring her along, we get asked where she is and how she is doing. She often gets better service then we do!

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 years young
  • Nicknames daphne, daph, little one, princess, angel
  • Dislikes loud noises with high sounds, wind blowing against windows, not getting her nap.
  • Foods tuna fish, pizza, peanut butter, grilled cheese, steak, some veggies, shrimp, dog food, eggs...
  • Pastimes she loves to hang out with her family, she loves to burrow under blankets and cuddle up, she loves to listen to my heartbeat since she was tiny thing that fit in my palm.
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