miniature schnauzer

Meet cosmo

Cosmo is a amazing purebred miniature schnauzer,who gives taking on an adventure a new meaning! He is a happy 5 year male who lives up to his true terrier ways! He loves to hunt lizards,he takes his lizard hunting very vigorously and he loves to play! He gets so happy when you say "wanna go for walkies" and loves to go for joy rides anytime. He loves to explore new things and places and likes to chow down on a tasty snack after all the excitement. He is incredibly talented with many tricks up his sleeve,and he also has an incredible mind,he figures things out by himself such as opening the car window. Cosmo loves doing any activity with me by his side and I could say the same,I wouldn't be able to live without my mini schnauzer by my side. He puts a smile on my face everyday whether good or bad and amazes me everyday. He could pop balloons for hours and run around the yard anytime rain or shine. We are always together and everything is better with my dog with me. I will always love him no matter what and than any words can describe. we have such a wonderful bond and friendship,I will never have another dog like cosmo,he is a one of kind,He is that one dog that you will always remember and always think of no matter how many other dogs you have. Cosmo is my best buddy,He is my Dog and i am his Human, He made all the years I had the best of my life and we still shine for more.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5
  • Nicknames key cos,cosie boy!
  • Dislikes hate when he cant come with me somewhere
  • Foods meat,ice cream and bones
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