Meet Bauer

Bauer is an adorable white lab with beautiful eyes and a soft & shiny coat. He has a strong frame & a gentle face. He loves to nuzzle his warm wet nose into your hand. He craves attention & does not like to be alone. He loves food & has mastered the art of bringing his dish to us when he is hungry. He prances like a horse, lifting his paws & prays for his food before he eats it. He is extremely smart and loves to learn new tricks. He loves to go to the dog park & play. We love this boy so much!

Facts About Me
  • Age 9 months
  • Nicknames Boogerface, BauBau, Booboo
  • Dislikes Crate, Being left alone
  • Foods Chewing on bones, Chilling on his bed, Cuddling with mama & papa, Looking outside the window
  • Pastimes Blueberries, Mangoes, Bones, Baby carrots
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  • How adorable!
  • Love!
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