Dog Training

Bed Sharing

Sharing Your Bed With Your Dog

Q: My Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher-cross rescue dog insists on sleeping with us under the blankets. All is well as long as no one moves, but if so, she growls...more
Pack Mentality Aggression

Pack Mentality Aggression in Dogs

Pack Mentality Aggression Q: I have two fixed male Jack Russell Terrier crosses. When walked separately they are great on leash, greeting other dogs with...more
Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words

Build Your Dog’s Vocabulary

Our dogs are capable of understanding and learning so much more than they are frequently given credit for. Take, for instance, retired psychologist and author...more
5 Weird Dog Behaviours Explained

5 Weird Dog Behaviours Explained

Though dogs truly are our best friends, they can sometimes be, well, a bit weird about things. Let’s face it—our partnership with them has only lasted for...more

Are You Making These 10 Training Mistakes?

The ten biggest training mistakes owners make, and alternatives to improve your chances of keeping you and Fido on the straight and narrow. more

Ask an Expert - Does Your Dog Make You Feel Guilty?

I walk them both in the morning before work and then again when I get home, and give them comfy beds and toys and lots of love, but I still constantly feel guilty that they are under-stimulated. more

Ask an Expert - Small Dog Syndrome

Q: My Yorkie, April, is perfectly well behaved—most of the time. But the moment she sees a big dog, she barks her head off and charges, whether she’s off-leash...more

Ask an Expert - “Breedist” Dogs

Q: My dog seems to like some breeds and hate others. Is my dog a breedist? Is that even possible?—Egalitarian in Elgin A: Like with people, it’s true some dogs...more

Fireworks Fear

Q: My Giant Schnauzer, Luka, is absolutely terrified by fireworks and thunder. Is there anything I can do to either desensitize her or to calm her down? Is...more

Ask a Trainer - Wading Through Water Worries

Q: I would love to take my German Shepherd, Spencer, to the dog beach but he absolutely refuses to go in the water. Does he not know how to swim? Is he scared...more


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