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Keep Your Dog Off the Couch

My dog is not allowed on the furniture but the minute I'm not present, she's up there lounging. How do I stop her if I'm not there to catch her? more

Is My Dog an Alcoholic?

When I have a party, my dog, Top Jaw,
tries to knock beer out of guests' hands and then drink it. Is my dog
an alcoholic or just a bad host? more

Unpopular dog: why does my dog have no friends?

My dog is unpopular. When we go to the
dog park, I feel she's the canine equivalent of the kid picked last for
teams in gym class. What can I do to help her make friends? more

Unaffectionate dog

My dog used to get up and be all wiggly and cute when I returned home, but now she doesn't even bother getting up to greet me. I have to go looking for her and then she'll yawn and roll on to her back so I can pet her tummy. She's only three so it's not like she's an older dog lacking in energy. What's up? more

Why does my dog love some dogs and hate others?

My dog, Luella, has the strangest reaction to dogs on the street. From a block away, she can tell if she likes the approaching dog or not and will either try and drag me over there, all wiggles, or will instantly have her hackles up, barking at the other dog. more

Dogs That Hate Men

My Chihuahua, Crystal, hates men. This is ruining my chances for romance. What should I do? more
crate training for dogs

A Trainer's Truth About Crates

Rest periods in snug quarters are a natural part of caring for our dogs’ needs. But… dogs have many other needs that crates interfere with. Dogs are social animals; they require interaction with other dogs or people. They also need exercise, mental stimulation, and appropriate “potty” opportunities. So, while some time spent in a crate is usually a positive element of dog rearing, too much time spent in a crate can have disastrous consequences. more


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