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Ask an Expert - Exuberant door greetings

My Shepherd-cross, Charlie, is a dream when I leave, but as soon as she senses my return, a tirade of crying and barking ensues from the second my car pulls in the driveway until I enter the house. more

Ask an Expert - Charging & Barking During Walks

Q: My Miniature Dachshund, Candy Lu, occasionally charges and barks at other dogs on the sidewalk. Often, these dogs are much larger than she is. Why on earth...more

Ask an Expert - Resource guarding

"My Yorkie, Angel, is a tiny terror. From the time he was a baby, he’d growl if we picked him up from out of his bed." more

Ask an Expert - Puppy Basics

Ask Jennifer Messer Q: Like any “expectant mom” I tried to read up on puppy training so I would do things right. But the more I read, the more confused I got...more

Ask an Expert - Peeing problem

If people are stressed or upset, we can talk things through. We can make ourselves feel better by yelling, crying … or eating ice cream. Dogs? They pee. more

Ask an Expert - Foot-wear fetish

Q: It seems my dog, Birdie, has a footwear fetish. How can I prevent chewed shoes? Obviously putting them away would be a good start but this just doesn’t...more

Ask an Expert - Obsessive teddy bear humping

Begin the process of decreasing or eliminating this behaviour by teaching her an “off” or “leave it” exercise and rewardwith small tidbits of food. more

Ask an Expert - Walk-time Woes

Restores walk-time to a frustration-free happy time. more

Ask an Expert - Doorbell Barking

Prepare yourself for some much deserved peace and quiet. more

Ask an Expert - Dogs and Kids

How to stop your dog from chasing and nipping children. more


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