Connie's Book Club - Summer 2009

Connie's Book Club

Connie's Book Club

Animal Spirit Guides: Discover Your Power Animal and the Shamanic Path By Chris Lüttichau

Connie's Book Club - Animal Spirit Guides

For more than twenty years, healer and educator Chris Lüttichau has practiced shamanism. In Animal Spirit Guides (Cico; 2009) he brings his wisdom and experience to assist you in discovering your personal animal spirit guide. In essence, an animal spirit guide or power animal is a guardian spirit. Lüttichau tells us that all animals, from the wolf to the ant, carry a message of guidance and hope and by inviting the spirit of an animal into your life using the traditional rituals of the shaman, you can deepen your affinity with the natural world and learn from the wisdom of your animal guide. Descriptions of more than 60 different animals and their medicine are offered (for example, the bear is healing/dreaming/strength; the eagle, messenger/ spirit/vision; and the dog, service/love/guardian), along with the methods by which to identify and connect with your animal guide. This interesting book and its beautiful illustrations will prompt both soul searching and conversation. - Connie Wilson

Dog Painting: A History of the Dog in Art By William Secord

Connie's Book Club - Dog Painting: A History of the Dog

William Secord, founding director of The Dog Museum of America and noted authority on nineteenth- century dog painting, surveys a remarkable selection of over 500 paintings that richly illustrate the beauty and diversity of dogs represented in art. With the work of such artists as George Stubbs and John Wooton included and the paintings reproduced in glorious colour plates, this is an irresistible coffee table book to flip through as well as an enlightening indepth read. The book traces the representation of a wide range of dog groups, including pets, shows dogs, and field dogs, and extensively covers the history in art of popular breeds such as King Charles Spaniels, pugs, and labrador retrievers. Secord discusses how the nineteenth century was greatly influenced by Queen Victoria, who not only owned numerous dogs, but also had them painted, leading to the unprecedented rage for commissioned dog paintings. Knowledgably written with wit and enthusiasm, Dog Painting (Antique Collectors’ Club; 2009) is not only a delight to behold but provides an invaluable reference for both the dog fancier and lay reader alike. For a first-hand look at some of the works represented in the book, stop by to visit the author in his gallery in upper Manhattan or check out - Connie Wilson

Dogs Kids PetMassage By Jonathan Rudinger

Connie's Book Club - Dogs Kids PetMassage

This book teaches kids the basic hands-on skills of canine massage and the principles of dog-handling safety. Starting off with stuffed animals, children get comfortable with the basic handling, touching, holding, and stroking involved in pet massage before moving to real dogs. Kids learn that through touch they can “feel” a dog’s fear, discomforts, or emotional distresses and by really tuning into a dog’s body language, they can connect and bond with dogs on a whole new level. Through repetition of the massage sequences, a child’s confidence in her new abilities to connect with and help her dog grows, as does her ability to connect with other species. pet massage is not only a great bonding activity for a family to do together but also teaches children the invaluable lesson that body language and thoughts can powerfully affect others, including their pets. - Connie Wilson

Forever Faithful: Dogs That Return By Kim Saunders

Connie's Book Club - Forever Faithful: Dogs That Return

If your spiritual journey has yet to begin, I have no doubt the story that unfolds in Forever Faithful (O Books; 2009)
will nudge you towards an awakening. If you’ve already embarked on a path of spiritual discovery,
you’ll praise Smedley for demonstrating, through her love of animals and tender rendering of interspecies
ties, how our souls are all connected. losing a much-loved dog is heartbreaking but in this
lovely story, the author offers a take on death that posits that death is not necessarily the end of the
relationship as “special” dogs often return to us, reappearing at our sides in a new body. Forever
convincingly relates how one such dog found her way back to her owner in a new life. - Connie Wilson

Canine Sports and Games: Great Ways to Get Your Dog Fit and Have Fun Together! By Kristin Mehus-Roe

Connie's Book Club - Canine Sports and Games

Separation anxiety and unruliness
are increasingly common problems
born of the boredom and lack of
exercise endemic among dogs who
spend long hours home alone awaiting
their owners. But you can fight back! engaging your dog’s
mind and energy in a sport or game provides structure, training,
and exercise, thus alleviating problems while providing fun
bonding time for both you and your dog. Whether you want to
channel your energetic dog’s exuberance into a non-destructive
activity or simply want to find a sport that both you and your
dog can have fun doing together, Canine Sports and Games (Storey; 2009) is
the book for you. With information on a full range of possibilities
including tunneling, disc dog events, obedience, canine
freestyle, carting, skijoring, flyball, and dock jumping, you’ll be
instructed on how to find the right sport for your dog’s breed,
personality, and fitness level. It’s easy to follow and enjoyable
to read with insets, charts, illustrations, and helpful hints and
tips, so, in no time at all, you’ll have found the right activity for
both you and your furry best friend. - Connie Wilson The Adopted Dog Bible - By Kim Saunders

Connie's Book Club - The Adopted Dog Bible

This book is a must-have for
anyone who has adopted or
is thinking about adopting
a sheltered or rescued dog.
As petFinder’s first staff member and current VP of Shelter
Outreach at, Kim Saunders has both the experience
and background to author this one-stop resource for new
pup parents. In chapters such as “Will A Dog Fit into your
life?” “Getting prepped For parenthood,” “Choosing the right
Dog for you,” “pre-Adoption preliminaries,” and “Bringing
your New Hound Home,” and with detailed information on
everything from training to modifying undesirable behaviour,
Saunders covers everything adopters need to know when adding
a rescue to the equation. With assistance from an advisory
board of experts, the author brings you invaluable information
on how to handle all details of your daily life now that rover
the rescue has joined your family, from introducing new diets
to exercise, grooming, medical treatments (both holistic and
conventional), to daily hygiene. Helpful hints, charts, diagrams,
and photos put all the right information at your fingertips to
seamlessly integrate your newly adopted dog into his forever
home. - Connie Wilson

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