Connie’s Book Club - Summer 2011

Connie's Book Club

Connie's Book Club

One Good Dog

By Susan Wilson
This captivating New York Times-bestselling novel deals with redemption and second chances, in intertwining narratives, the first from the point of view of Adam, an arrogant, hard-nosed businessman whose stress-induced violent act causes him to lose everything of importance to him, including his job, house, daughter, and social-climbing wife. He finds himself unemployed and single, reduced to bussing tables in a homeless shelter, where he must serve out a community service sentence which forces him to associate with a class of people he had long gone out of his way to avoid. The second narrative is from the perspective of Chance, a Pit Bull mix bred and trained to fight, who escapes and finds himself on the streets and on a direct path into Adam’s life. You’ll find yourself moved to both tears and laughter by the ensuing life-affirming story in which Adam and Chance each end up saving the other in ways neither could have expected.

A Dog’s Purpose

By W. Bruce Cameron
A Dog’s Purpose is a transfixing recount of a dog’s lives as his spirit travels through four incarnations in order to find his true purpose in life. This remarkable story, written from a dog’s point of view, offers not only a heartwarming, poignant, and often humorous look at life, but also a commentary on human relationships. Those of us who have lost dogs will find comfort in the book’s message of “the love between us and our dogs never dies, our true friends are always with us, and that every creature on Earth is born with a purpose.” An enchanting, utterly believable, impossible-to-put-down book, and, for those aching from the loss of a dear dog’s passing, a possible salve to ease the pain.

Cherished: 21 Writers on Animals They Have Loved and Lost

By Barbara Abercrombie
When Barbara Abercrombie’s beloved horse died, she blogged about her loss and grief. She received many comments, including a suggestion there be an anthology of such pieces recounting the love and loss of an animal. Abercrombie realized that this was the type of book she’d want to read, and who better than an animal lover to tackle the subject with understanding and share grief? Thus, Cherished was born, a compilation of essays from such notable authors as Anne Lamott, Jane Smiley, Jacqueline Winspear, Carolyn See, and Mark Doty, who describe with insight, humour, and tenderness, the lasting influence of their own adored pets. Each thought-provoking essay illustrates how pets adapt to our lives, help us deal with difficulties, and how our lives change for the better because of them, ultimately conveying larger truths about life itself. Cherished is a book any animal lover will…well, cherish. Notably, all royalties from this book will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society.

Emily and Einstein

By Linda Francis Lee

This unconventional story of
love, loss, perseverance, and
second chances begins as
Emily Barlow’s idyllic New
York life is thrown into chaos
when her husband dies in
a car accident. Previously
unshakeable and always in
control, she finds herself
reeling when she learns that
her marriage was built on a
foundation of lies, while an overbearing mother-in-law tries to
evict her from her apartment and an estranged sister arrives
on her doorstep. Solace is sought through Einstein, a cranky,
homely, little dog that she adopts after nursing him back to
health from injuries sustained the same night Emily’s husband
died. The dog seems strangely familiar and knows things
about Emily and the apartment that just don’t add up and he
seems determined to help her reconcile her past and help her
start anew. Will he succeed? Will she let him? And what’s in it
for him? Find out in this heartwarming page-turner about how
a woman and her dog each help the other win their second


By Jim Dratfield

Jim Dratfield,
author of eleven
fine-art photography
books and
pet photographer
of choice for celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Barbara
Walters, Elton John, and Henry Kissinger, to name a few, offers
his latest book, Dogphoria. It does not disappoint; Dratfield’s
photographs continue to delight. Each of his captivating
canine-themed images in this lovely photo-book incorporates
the artist’s unique sepia-tone film style and is accompanied by
a thought-provoking quotation. A beautiful gift for yourself or
a loved one.

Ever By My Side

By Nick Trout

In this intimate and
heartwarming memoir,
veterinarian and New York
Times bestselling author
Nick Trout tells us how his
father nurtured his dream
to become a vet and
how the pets he has had
throughout his life have
shaped him into the man
he is today, teaching him
such life lessons as the
importance of friendship, loyalty, and resilience. His father’s
encouragement certainly paid off; Nick is both a Diplomat of
the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Surgeons
and staff surgeon at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.
Throughout Nick’s warm reflections, he brings us into his family
and the behind-the-scenes world of veterinary medicine
where the pets, irresistible characters integral to the plot itself,
steal our hearts and remind us of the lengths we will go for
them. This is a thoughtful, tender, and captivating read that
celebrates the bonds we have with our pets while reinforcing
the important roles they play in our lives.

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