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Esther is fancy-free and dreaming of strolling down The Left Bank in her Dirty Little Dog "Paris Forever" tee.

Handmade and hand-printed in Paris, France, 32 Euro.

Most open-admission animal shelters house a population segment that the public never sees -- the custody dogs being confined by court order.

Seized as a result of cruelty or neglect cases, or dog aggression, they aren’t up for adoption.  Dependent on a judge’s decree, they languish in kennels under court order without the benefit of human interaction or even the opportunity to breathe fresh air and put their paws in the grass.

A few months ago, I visited with Corinne

If you're considering adding a canine companion to the household mix, I hope you will consider a shelter dog. There are millions of dogs languishing in shelters, waiting for their forever homes, often-times given up not because they were bad dogs, but simply because their humans didn't realize the responsibility required in keeping them. And don't let the excuse of wanting a specific breed stop you from choosing a rescue, simply Google the breed you're looking for and add "rescue" to the


Enjoying the last rays of summer, Rose heads to the courts after work in her sunshine yellow tennis dress.

Canine Styles 100% cotton pique tennis dress with green crystal detailing and stitched tennis rackets. 


Kaya shines in her Fab Dog collar inset with real Swarovski crystals.

Priced by size, these dazzling collars come in a rainbow of colours at


Kaya walks down memory lane in her puffy vest. Don't recognize the iconic ears peeking out of the hood? A Mickey Mouse appliqué on the back will jog your childhood memories!

Down vest by Creative Yoko, $27.


Mr. Big is one hip hound in this pimpin' hoodie with gold chain and paw medallion appliqué.

American Pup Thug hoodie comes in black and pink for your punk princess as well. Available in XXS - M.


Hug tally: 100 and counting! Cuddly n' cozy in a pretty prepster Polo, Esther is ready for the cool, fashionable days of Fall.

Easy-care Angora-nylon blend Striped Polo with Pom Poms by the Dog Squad, $39.


Let loose your inner tiger with RuffLuv’s Eye of the Tiger hoodie. Studded with gold and silver for a tough lookin’ outside and made of fleece for a snugly inside, it’s a sure bet Rover will think it’s the cat’s meow!



Kaya does fashion and function in her Owen and Olivia French Fleur collar and leash set. The lightweight, durable canvas collar and lead are perfect for the active dog who likes the finer things in life.

Owen and Olivia French Fleur collar for large breeds size M - XXL, $28 and lead, $36.


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