Awesome collars from Mattie & Margot!

Awesome collars from Mattie & Margot!
January 23, 2013 by Sara Lima

Hi all! Sorry it's been so long since I last posted, the holidays were really hectic and I've finally just caught up with everything! The first thing I wanted to share with you following my brief hiatus are the new collars Roxy and Cash received for Christmas from Mattie & Margot, my new go-to for durable, affordable, colourful collars that really pop! The absolute best thing about this line is their vast selection; there is a colour and pattern to suit every dog's personal taste! Take Roxy for example, she's a saucy brindle beauty with a bit of a wild side, so for her I selected the Neon Orange Leopard print collar ($26) which contrasts perfectly with her black and brown tiger stripes.

For Cash, I wanted a more serious-yet-striking option that would stand out against his gorgeous red coat while highlighting his gentlemanly nature, so I chose the Electric Blue collar ($26).

Generally, my dogs are nudists (which means they roam collar-free) unless we're out for a walk. However, the grossgrain ribbon is so smooth and soft that Roxy doesn't mind sporting it all day long. Cash is still dealing with that pesky cyst on his neck, so for the time being his collar is reserved for showing off to the general public.

To check out Mattie & Margot's selection and to coordinate come colourful collars of your own, visit

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