Kitten Essentials

Kitten Essentials
October 25, 2012 by Sara Lima

As a first time cat owner and life-long dog lover, I was at a loss as to what I needed to create a happy feline household for our new kitten, Blackie Chan (B.C.). So I turned to my colleague and Modern Cat expert, Mary, who shares her home with two particularly saucy cats, BB and Sailo, to impart some kitty-cat wisdom on me. Thanks to Mary's guidance and a lot of flipping through the pages of Modern Cat magazine, I've compiled a Kitten Essentials kit to prepare me for Blackie Chan's homecoming next week.

Litter box - Flip from Modko

Aside from my fervant love of dogs, I harbour a serious obsession with decor and design, so whichever litterbox I chose was going to have to blend perfectly with the current modern-eclectic theme in my house. After scouring the internet for weeks, I finally decided upon the Flip litterbox from Modko for a few reasons. First, its understated design and matte white finish will allow it to blend into the decor of whichever room I put it in, while the spacious interior leaves B.C. plenty of room to grow. Secondly, the magnetic closing top will keep Roxy and Cash from treasure hunting in the litter for treats. Superb. $120,

Litter - World's Best Cat Litter

This decision was simple. From what I understand, clay litter isn't great for cats or people, so I wanted one that minimized dust, odour, and tracking while clumping the yucky stuff for easy scooping. After talking to several cat owners and people in the industry, this was the litter that overwhelmingly stood out as my best option. $15,

Odour control - Zero Odor Litter Spray

The number one issue deterring us from getting a cat was litter odour, so when I watched the demonstration at SuperZoo that showed Zero Odor's litter spray completely destroying a petrie jar full of amonia, I knew there was hope for me yet. Containing almost no odour itself, this spray completely eliminated the pungent amonia smell eminating from the test litterbox after only seconds without leaving a perfumy, flowery odour behind. This means that you won't automatically know upon entering my house that I have a cat, and will also save me on the cost of litter since the litterbox will require fewer clean-outs. $20 for starter kit,

Bed - Geodome by Kittypod 


The decision as to which bed to choose came down to two main factors, style and hideability. Obviously I wanted something that would look good in my house, but I also wanted to ensure B.C. has a space of his own to escape Roxy's overzealous wrestling if need be. The Geodome will provide him with a cozy bed that the dogs can't get in, while at the same time offering him with playful distractions in the form of hanging cardboard temptation. $34,

Scratcher - Chair & Ottoman from Imperial Cat

Okay, how hilarious is this? This mid-century modern inspired chair/ottoman combo doubles as a scratch pad to satisfy B.C.'s need to claw and destroy. This is important, as my sofa and curtains were not meant to withstand the wrath of a sprightly young kitten with a need to stretch and climb.

Bowls - Dipper bowls from Waggo

I love these colour dipped ceramic bowls, they totally blend in with the rest of the dishware in my house! Best of all they're dishwasher safe so I can toss them in with Roxy and Cash's dishes. $16,

Toys - Turbo Scratcher from Bergan


According to nearly every cat lover I know involved in rescue, the Turbo Scratcher is a must-have classic to appease bored kitties while they're home alone. The new addition of the treat ball means B.C. will have some incentive to entertain himself. $16,

Toys - Katarantula from Nekoflies

Although this creepy crawly wand toy frightens me, it delighted Mary's cats so I just had to get one for interactive play with B.C. Let's just hope Roxy and Cash don't get a hold of it as they hate spiders just as much as I do. $18,


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Comments (4)

BC is lovely! You should look for a laser as well. They love to play with it!
Thu, 10/25/2012 - 15:14
BC is lovely! You should look for a laser as well. They love to play with it!
Thu, 10/25/2012 - 15:15
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will have some incentive to entertain himself. $16, air:
Fri, 05/03/2013 - 19:21

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