Treevers (A Modern Dog “Green Product Pick!”)

Treevers (A Modern Dog “Green Product Pick!”)
December 10, 2009 by Product Reviews

Cork goes the Canine
Treevers, a durable, flying, floating toy, offers a green solution in bold primary colours. Sturdy enough for the toughest chewers yet soft on gums, Treevers are constructed from scraps of wetsuit and tarp material. The heavy-duty cotton canvas and soft neoprene layers are sewn together around the granulated cork filler with double-stitched seams. The non-toxic filler comes from the bark of a cork tree, a sustainable resource, and the packaging is 100 percent recycled. We love eco- (and wallet!) friendly toys for Fido.
Tip: For teething puppies, wet and place the Treevers toy in a plastic freezer bag and freeze for about two hours.

Bone, $9.95; Dummy, $11.95; Octagon $14.95 at

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