Puppy Pan Provides an Innovative, Clean, Convenient, and Flexible Training Solution

Puppy Pan Provides an Innovative, Clean, Convenient, and Flexible Training Solution
May 16, 2017 by Modern Pets

You love your new puppy! You have researched what the best diet is for his breed. You’ve inquired who is the best veterinarian and trainer in town, but have you given any thought as how to best potty train him, given your demanding schedule? 

Puppy Pan provides an innovative, clean, convenient, and flexible training solution. PUPPY PAN combines a specially designed dog litter pan to work with your choice of paper-based litter or puppy pads to give your pet an easy solution for their elimination needs. Our litter pans are specifically designed for the comfort of a small dog and come in three sizes. 

Let’s talk about convenience for you and your new puppy:  If you work long hours or can’t get home at the usual time, your puppy always has a place to go. Some dogs hate the cold, rain or scorching heat and Puppy Pan gives you and your puppy a solution when walking outside isn’t a good option.  

Many parents train puppies to use newspaper and then train them to go outside. With Puppy Pan, just don’t take away the pan. You can still take your dog outside and have the pan as a backup.  Families that use the puppy pan live in apartments, high rises, extreme climates, remote areas with wild animals close by or just have pampered pets that would rather not go outside when it is cold or raining.

“Puppy Pan litter boxes are amazing!  They are durable and easy to clean.  Kitty litter boxes just don’t cut it for dogs.”   

The unique size and design of puppy pan has been an answer for cat owners too.  Older cats who cannot manage to enter a litter box or need an extra big space enthusiastically endorse Puppy Pan.

 “I found the Puppy Pan litter box and noticed it was large enough for my Rosie to have ample room... and I liked the low lip which would allow her to easily get in and out without hurting her hip”

Rabbits too! “This litter box is PERFECT for my three bunnies!  I put a puppy pad on the bottom with some of their litter over it and threw some hay in two corners.  They started using it right away!”

Find us on Amazon or www.puppypan.com  

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