Pet Health Insurance Month

Pet Health Insurance Month
September 4, 2013 by Modern Pets

Veterinary Clinics Help Petsecure Launch Pet Health Insurance Month

Winnipeg, Manitoba – August 28, 2013: Vet clinics know better than anyone that pet health insurance can mean the difference between life and death for pets. To promote Pet Health Insurance Month this September, Petsecure is teaming up with participating veterinary clinics across Canada who will compete to raise awareness on the benefits of insuring your pet.

"When a dog or a cat with a treatable condition is euthanized because of economics, the situation can be devastating,” says Dr. Colleen Skavinsky, Petsecure’s Chief Veterinary Officer. “Not only for pet parents, but also for hospital staff who have devoted their careers to keeping pets healthy. Pet health insurance allows pet owners and veterinarians to make medical decisions based on what’s right for their pet without the worry of financial constraints.”

Pet owners choosing euthanasia for economic reasons is, sadly, not uncommon. According to a survey from Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Newsmagazine, the point at which the average owner would consider euthanasia is $1,700. Considering  the average cost of treatment for cancer, diabetes, or even something as simple as eating a chew toy can run well into the thousands of dollars, a good pet health insurance policy can save owners from the awful situation of having to decide between their pet and their finances.

The clinics taking part in the Pet Health Insurance Month contest will be decorating their waiting rooms to promote and increase awareness of pet health insurance. Two winners – one from Western Canada and one from Eastern Canada – will be selected by Petsecure. Each winning clinic will win a $300 Visa gift card to use for a luncheon/night out with their staff, plus a feature video showcasing their clinic (approx. $4,000 value).

Pet Health Insurance Month is an initiative of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), of which Petsecure is a proud member. In 2008, Petsecure was the first Canadian company to recognize and participate in the event. NAPHIA’s goal is to educate and promote the values and benefits of pet health insurance throughout North America.

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