No More “Don’t Look Under Me” Moments with The Bog Tag

No More “Don’t Look Under Me” Moments with The Bog Tag
July 29, 2016 by Modern Pets

Chicago-based dog-owner and entrepreneur, Julie Woertz, has come up with a creative solution to the frustrating situation of strangers always assuming the wrong gender when saying hello to her dogs, Ollie and Gracie. Enter The Bog Tag, a custom-designed dog collar accessory that acts as a simple and stylish gender identification tag.

“It’s like the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ except when it comes to pets everyone always does,” says Woertz. “When someone sees a big, muscular dog—like my Gracie—they assume she’s a boy. When someone sees a petite, fluffy dog—like my Oliver—they assume he is a girl. So, I created a product that takes out the guesswork in a fun and quirky way.”

The bright pink or blue BOG Tag attaches to the collar to quickly and easily tell people whether your dog is a boy or a girl. That means no more “Don’t Look Under Me” moments for your dog and more conversation starters for you.

The lightweight tag is 1.375 inches in size and comes in neon pink or blue, high-quality plastic. The FDA and dog-tested BOG Tag can be purchased now at or

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