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John Paul Pet
November 12, 2014 by Modern Pets

Health & Wellness through Grooming: First Aid for Pets

We all love our pets and want them to live a long and healthy life. Daily walks and trips to the dog park are fun for both the pet and owner. But as careful as we can be, sometimes accidents happen. Here are a few tips on how to help if you find yourself with an injured pet:

  • Do not run into traffic so rescue a pet, assess the situation carefully before acting.
  • Once it is safe for you to approach the animal, move slowly and try to determine if the pet is hurt, he most likely will be scared.
  • If the animal is hurt, and you have a blanket or towel available, wrap it around the pet keeping your face away from the animals head. Move to safe location.
  • Keep the animal as calm as possible, enlist the help of a passerby
  • Call a local Vet Clinic, or call a friend to find a local Vet clinic and speak to the receptionist and ask for help. A local shelter may be able to help as well.

John Paul Pet has partnered with PetsAmerica to educate pet owners on how to perform CPR on their pets in an emergency situation “Did you know that you can do CPR on your pet?” asks John Paul Pet co-founder John Paul DeJoria, “this video shows you how. The more information you, have the better chance you have of saving a pet in need.”

Health & Wellness through Grooming: First Aid for Pets from John Paul Pet on Vimeo.

John Paul Pet believes that we should groom our pets every day to notice any lumps or bumps that could become a more serious condition. First Aid kits for pets are also a good idea if you are traveling or hiking with your pet. And John Paul Pet Eye & Ear Wipes make an excellent addition to your pet travel or at home regimen by safely cleaning around sensitive areas, while absorbing odor and dirt.

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