Heeling Cards ™ | What you say and what you give....matters.

Heeling Cards ™ | What you say and what you give....matters.
June 4, 2014 by Modern Pets

Created with passion and a desire to acknowledge and honour pet loss, Heeling Cards ™ is a pet focused greeting card company catering to both wholesale and retail purchasing. All cards have been created using the photographs of Canadian based dog and pet photographer Sarah Daloise, of SarahAnn Dog Photography, located in Calgary Alberta. All photos utilized within the Heeling Cards ™ line, are symbolic of the love and connection we share with our beloved pets.

Heeling Cards ™ are original, high quality pet cards intended for veterinary clinic use, pet business use/resale, and personal use purchasing. Wholesale pricing as low as $1.49/card, with a portion of all sales donated back to local Calgary animal rescues.

Shop for Heeling Cards ™ in wholesale pricing at www.heelingcards.com and in wholesale and retail pricing at etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/SarahAnnDogPhotog Use discount code: “MODERNDOG” when ordering wholesale on the main heeling card website and receive 10% OFF! (offer good until Dec. 31, 2014).

Check out more of Sarah’s photography work and pet bereavement project, read testimonials, and shop heeling cards and custom pet prints by visiting her main site here: www.sarahanndogphotography.com

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