Eco-friendly Pet Burial Urn Wins 2014 Award for Best New Pet Product

Eco-friendly Pet Burial Urn Wins 2014 Award for Best New Pet Product
December 29, 2014 by Modern Pets

BioUrn®, a biodegradable urn that holds a pet’s ashes and the seed of a tree to commemorate a beloved family member, has won Dog Fancy magazine’s Editors Choice Award for 2014, as one of the year’s “Best New Pet Products”. The awards will be featured in the magazine’s December 2014 issue.

The affordable BioUrn kit comes with everything needed to grow a tree or flowering shrub, including a biodegradable cotton cremation urn, soil, cotton bag for the pet’s ashes and a seed. Pet parents can choose a seed, to grow a tree that will thrive in their specific location. Once everything is placed into the BioUrn, planted and watered, a memorial tree grows as a living tribute to a pet’s memory.

“Pet owners finally have a ‘green’ burial option,” said Lisa Brambilla, president of My Eternal Family Tree, which makes the BioUrn. “Many times, when a pet is beyond cure, the decision is made to have the pet cremated while at the veterinarian’s office.” “Until the introduction of BioUrn, many pet parents were unsure of what to do with the pet’s ashes, and made the hard choice not to come back to retrieve them.” “BioUrn gives a pet parent a burial option that celebrates life and is good for the planet, for pets and the people who love them.”

Veterinarians and parents agree that the loss of a pet can be traumatic for everyone, especially children. Even small children can participate in preparing the BioUrn, by helping choose the tree, digging the hole and placing the seed into the BioUrn. This earth-friendly “circle of life” experience helps the whole family through the feelings of sorrow and loss when a beloved pet dies.

BioUrn is made completely in the United States and comes in a variety of 3 sizes, designed to hold the ashes of any pet. Dwarf trees that can be grown in containers are also available. All BioUrn sizes are just $99 each (custom BioUrn are available at an extra cost). The kit comes with a “satisfaction policy” in the unlikely event that the tree or shrub does not grow, details are on their website in the FAQ section.

“BioUrn® pays tribute to the human-animal bond and celebrates a life well lived,” Brambilla said. “It’s the ideal way to create a loving, living tribute to your pet, while giving back to the earth.”

About BioUrn
Based in Yorba Linda, California, My Eternal Family Tree, LLC is a Certified American Green Business and is registered with the U.S. Veteran-Owned Business directory. My Eternal Family Tree believes in responsible and eco-friendly pet burial in a way that provides a living tribute
 to memorialize the bond between pet parents and their beloved pets. Visit BioUrn online to learn more.

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