EasyPetFence.com: The Humane Solution to Pet Fencing

EasyPetFence.com: The Humane Solution to Pet Fencing
June 26, 2017 by Modern Pets


Most dog owners agree that their pets need ample backyard space to play and burn off energy. As a pet owner, we fear that our pets may wander off, get lost or stolen; so, our first instinct is to install an invisible dog fence that will teach the dog not to leave the property line. The problem with shock collars and electric dog fences are that they are inhumane and have negative consequences on the dog both psychologically and physically. Because we care about the safety and wellness of all animals, EasyPetFence.com only carries humane solutions to dog fencing systems.

  There are numerous reasons for why pet owners should consider installing a dog fence from EasyPetFence.com. For starters, the dog fences are easy, do-it-yourself projects that can be done without the help from professional installers. EasyPetFence.com provides fence installation videos and written instructions to guide pet owners with building the fence. Additionally, EasyPetFence.com carries both plastic and metal dog fence options that are suitable for all breed types regardless of pet activity level. The plastic dog fence kits and rolls are best suited for smaller, calmer dogs and puppies that are not chewers or diggers. These fences are made from a durable poly fence material that is built to last up to 15 years in all-weather environments. For larger dogs that like to chew or dig, EasyPetFence.com carries two types of metal dog fencing – available in steel hex web and galvanized welded wire materials. Unlike traditional dog fences and chain-link fences that often corrode, EasyPetFence.com dog fences appear virtually invisible from a short distance; so, homeowners can still enjoy their landscape and surroundings. In addition to being PVC-coated to protect the fencing from wear-and-tear from the weather, steel dog fences are chew-proof, dig-proof and will last up to 30 years in the field. 

  Not only will EasyPetFence.com fences keep pets safely enclosed, but it will keep out feral cats and wild animals that may attempt to harm the pup from outside the fence. Dog fencing gives pets the chance to interact with each other in a harm-free atmosphere while getting the 30 minutes of daily activity they need to maintain healthy bones and joints. New pet owners will appreciate the space to train domestic animals while seasoned pet owners will find peace of mind knowing their pet is behind a non-electric pet enclosure. Find the right pet fence on EasyPetFence.com!

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