Curry n Pepper Believes That Pets can Benefit from an Ayurveda Based Lifestyle

Curry n Pepper Believes That Pets can Benefit from an Ayurveda Based Lifestyle
February 27, 2017 by Modern Pets

Curry n Pepper offers Ayurveda based holistic, healthy, all-natural products that help create a dosha (energy type) based regime for dogs, allowing them to achieve optimal health and vitality. .

Ayurveda outlines three principle energies or dosha - Vata (Air + Space), Pitta (Fire + Water) and Kapha (Earth + Water). These energies govern the pet mind, body and spirit constitution. Each dog has a unique proportion of these three forces that shapes their nature. By determining your dog’s dosha, you learn to select foods, treats and grooming products that are best suited for your pet's constitutional balance to achieve optimal health and vitality.

Hetal recognized the challenges with creating a holistic daily routine to meet the unique requirements of each dog, when she rescued Curry and Brownie. Curry had several GI issues and Brownie had allergies. It was difficult to incorporate multiple supplements and foods into their daily routine to meet their unique needs. The need for simple, healthy, holistic pet care products that could be easily adapted to create an individual Ayurvea routine resulted in the creation of Curry n Pepper LLC.

Curry n Pepper, product lines are specifically designed to match the doshas. The product lines include Vata for Air Dog, Pitta for Fire Dog and Kapha for Earth Dog. The full line of dog food, meal enhancers, and grooming products are created based on the science of Ayurveda. The holistic, all natural products are created in USA. The plant based food and treats are free of Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Soy, artificial corlor, flavors and preservatives. The plant-based grooming products are formulated non-toxic, chemical free ingredients that are safe if ingested.

The products are versatile; easy to use and can be combined with products across doshas or added to existing pet care products to create a custom dosha based routine.

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