Coolaid Animal Cooling And Recovery Launches Its New Canine Cooling Line

Coolaid Animal Cooling And Recovery Launches Its New Canine Cooling Line
March 20, 2017 by Modern Pets

Coolaid is excited to launch its new canine cooling line! This cooling line includes canine vests, canine blankets, canine bandanas and canine icing and cooling wraps.

Coolaid has teamed with Coolcore to utilize its patented award winning technology to bring you light weight, easy to use, 100% chemical free cooling products. Because our products are chemical free they are machine washable and the cooling will last the lifetime of the material.

Coolaid products are great for any and all canines. Our products are designed with the canine and its owner in mind, so they are extremely easy to use. No matter where you are, all you have to do is wet the material, wring it out, then shake it and let the cooling begin. It does not matter what temperature the water you use. Once wet, our products will get 30% cooler than the ambient temperature. Coolaid products work through regulated evaporation, so they provide a consistent cooling effect that lasts over a period of time without having to rewet. After using, you can wash the products on cold with detergent, then hang dry or tumble dry. In fact, the cleaner the product the more efficient the cooling.

So whether you are performing in a competition or just going for a daily stroll, keep your pet cool and functioning at their best with our innovative products. 

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