Wicket the Biker Dog

Wicket the Biker Dog

About a week ago, I was in the drive-thru at a Tim Hortons, staring out the window, when I saw a few bikers lounging in the grass nearby, their motorcycles parked in the parking lot as they enjoyed their coffees.

There was a dog there too, a gorgeous chocolate lab, and I thought to myself, "Huh, does the dog just run alongside them?" and that's when I saw the coolest thing ever. A dog-designed trailer for one of the bikes, complete with its own windshield.

My excitement is hard to describe. There was some flailing, some hysterical pointing, some frantically trying to explain how awesome it all was, and of course I had my camera, but I shied away from approaching the awesome biker and his more awesome dog, not wanting to disrupt their soaking in the morning sunshine and consuming their coffee.

All week, I kicked myself, wanting to explain the fabulousness of this bike in my blog but unable to offer photographic evidence. No one understood the sheer awesomeness of this bike and this dog.

So imagine my surprise when I went to a car show this weekend only to see that very same bike parked off to the side, doggie cart attached. I had my camera out in an instant, snapping pictures while my friend mourned and said, "Alas, there's no dog in it. Can't we just stick one in?"

We glanced around and saw an unsuspecting Shitzu wandering by, but that just wouldn't have worked.

Luckily for us, the biker in question grew nervous at the girls who were clustered around his bike, pointing, taking pictures, and looking generally shifty. He came over with his gorgeous dog, and I giddily explained to him that we had met before, he just didn't know it, and that he had the greatest dog and the greatest dog-mobile of all time and, ohmygosh, can he showed me how it worked?

It was pretty embarrassing, in retrospect, but he did show me, and of course I snapped dozens of pictures. The dog, who was the sweetest, friendliest dog I've met in ages, is named Wicket. You'll notice that his name is inscribed on the back of the doggie-mobile. His person (whose name I neglected to get as I was too busy petting the dog and telling him what a lucky boy he was) told me that Wicket loves his doggie sidecar and loves riding in it, and proved it by popping the cart open. Wicket leapt right in, grinning happily, and the top came down to keep him safe, and he let me take a couple pictures before hopping out again.

Best of all? His little doggie goggles, pictured here as he and his person drove away.

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