The Stink-finder: Changing Lives, One Stink at a Time

The Stink-finder: Changing Lives, One Stink at a Time

 In all my hours spent researching various products at Modern Dog, I have never been as excited as when I stumbled upon the Stink-finder, which is featured in our Spring 2010 issue on page 20, in the article “Odd Spots: Amazing Dog Technology”. This device uses ultraviolet light to find the hidden source of STINK. No longer will you have to live with the lingering scent of poop or urine or vomit or blood (or other unspeakable fluids)! Now, with one swish of a Stink-Finder, you will be able to isolate the source of the unfortunate odour and eliminate it efficiently, perhaps using any of the cleaning products featured on page 105 of our spring issue!

After shooting off an email containing far too many exclamation marks and capital letters to Jennifer, our editor, I quickly fell into a daydream of creating my very own homemade CSI kit, tracking down sneaky and hidden sources of stink in our office, in my home, on the streets! Perhaps I could round out my kit with a can of Poop Freeze, a biodegradable evidence collection bag or two (Flush Puppies?), and a badge—I’d probably have to make that myself.

I pictured myself scanning bus stop benches and bus seats before sitting on them, hotel sheets before crawling into bed (I told you—unspeakable fluids), carpets before walking on them, food before, uhm, eating it…

But with great power comes great responsibility… And I’m sure I have not got the maturity to handle the awesome and awe-inspiring power of a Stink-Finder. But one day…

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