Take Your Dog To Work Day

Take Your Dog To Work Day
June 24, 2011 by Connie Wilson

An awesome benefit of working at Modern Dog is that I get to bring my dog to work with me every single day. No more do I have to say those daily farewells to my furry best friend (as I did in previous jobs), closing the door on those sad eyes that beseech me to take her along. And no longer do I have to suffer the guilt and anxiousness about leaving her alone for lengthy periods each day. If you're wishing your office was dog friendly too, well, you're not alone. A Modern Dog survey determined that 54% of our readers would take a lesser paying job for the privilege of being able to bring their dog to work with them.  

If there were ever a good time to broach this subject with your boss, it's now, as Friday June 24th is Pet Sitters  13th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day created for the purpose of showing your dog-less co-workers what wonderful companions dogs make and encourage them to adopt a dog themselves from a shelter or rescue organization (how could your boss refuse when it's such a worthy cause!!). Thousands of businesses throughout the world will be participating in this event... if you missed the boat this year and didn't plan ahead, start planning early for next year's event. You will, of course, need your employer's consent/cooperation and you'll want to make sure you've got your co-workers on board with the idea too.

First and foremost you'll want to make sure Bandit is well-groomed, fresh smelling and good-mannered (a Canine Good Citizen certificate would earn you and poochie brownie points). You'll also want to make sure that he gets some regular bathroom breaks so there won't be any embarrassing mishaps on the office floor. To be on the safe side we recommend having the appropriate cleaning supplies on hand "just in case". For more ideas on how to plan a successful dog-on-the-job day, visit Pet Sitter's official Take Your Dog To Work Day site.

Good luck!


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