Love means size doesn't matter

Love means size doesn't matter


Lexi the Chihuahua snuck into her home the way many animals do -- she started out as a foster dog. Then Zoey and her human mom fell in love with this bitty dog, and couldn't bear to say goodbye. She's become firmly entrenched as part of the family.

In dog lifestyle vernacular, Lexi's hit the jackpot. Her guardian Beth just opened a doggie daycare called Go Dog LA. Life will be endless socializing and constant fraternizing for this wee pup.

Special thanks for this photo goes out to Kim Rodgers, Bark Pet Photography proprietor and shutterbug extraordinaire. Kim's also the animal rescuer who brought me the story of Sugar the pit bull (Can you adopt this torture survivor? May 18, 2009).

You can expect to hear more about Kim's animal-saving efforts next time I visit Los Angeles.

By the way, Sugar's still looking for a home. Time is running out for this sweet girl. If you know anybody who is interested, please get in touch.


Sugar offers a paw to her foster mom Jane Simon. 


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