Why Your Teenager Needs A Dog

Dogs help teens
Why Your Teenager Needs A Dog
Dogs help teens weather the stressors of adolescence


Teens face a lot of judgement, both from critiquing adults and stock-taking peers alike. Who's not levying judgement or criticism? The family dog. Dr. Andy Roark, a veterinarian in Greenville, S.C., and the father of tween daughters, often thinks about “social media and adolescence and young girls—about affirmation and the withholding of affirmation,” reports The New York Times. As Dr. Roark told the media outlet, “we’re all looking for validation, and that’s what pets give to us. You have this being who is 100 percent in your corner.”

In addition, dogs offer a safe space for emotional intimacy. Teens don't have to fear a rebuke; dogs are never going to turn down a cuddle or affectionate pat. And as we all know, dogs help you recover from a terrible day. Once again, our four-legged friends save the day, helping even angsty teenagers connect and de-stress.

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