What Is Heartworm?

What Is Heartworm?
And How To Protect Your Dog


Are you doing all you can to protect the ones you love? With April being Heartworm Prevention Month, now is a great time to have your pet tested for heartworm infection, and get them on a preventative medication that will protect them throughout the warmer months. 

Heartworms are parasites that spend the initial part of their lifecycle within the mosquito. Infected mosquitos that bite your pet can pass along the larval heartworms, which then navigate the circulatory system before maturing in the heart and pulmonary arteries of our cats and dogs.  Infection can lead to congestive heart failure, and liver or kidney failure.

To learn more on heartworm watch this great clip!

Your local Veterinary Clinic or the Toronto Humane Society can help you protect your dog and help prevent the spread of Heartworm! To find out more call your local clinic, or visit our website:


Via Toronto Humane Society. 

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