We're In Love With These Too-cute Patches!

We're In Love With These Too-cute Patches!
Hand-stitched with love, you'll want to wear them on everything


Combining a love of dogs and clever sayings into succinct and witty iron-on patches is self-professed “Pomeranian enthusiast” Kristen Lourie. The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based artist and graphic designer designs the humourous and super-cute embroidered patches in her spare time, using her “baby potato dog” Gomez Napoleon for inspiration. Our favourites, of course, feature pups, like the always adorable Corgi, along with cute sayings like My Dog Is My Bae, In Dog We Trust, and Only Dog Can Judge Me. We want every single one of these instant outfit enhancers. Find them at Kristen’s Etsy store Kodiak Milly from $11, etsy.com/shop/KodiakMilly

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