5 Signs Your Dog Has an ACL Injury

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Football, hockey and soccer players are not the only ones to get sidelined due to knee problems. Just like athletes, dogs can end up with a cruciate ligament injury. In fact, cruciate damage is the second most common orthopedic condition found in dogs after hip dysplasia, and is the most frequently operated orthopedic condition in our canine friends.  more
Dog Nutrition

A Vet Shares What You Need to Know about Dog Nutrition

Category: Nutrition
If you are like me, watching your dog enjoy his food is one of your greatest pleasures. This joy is next-level when you are blessed by your dog’s excitement in anticipation of a treat. In addition to creating the bliss of a well-fed dog, we want to feed them the best food that we can so that we have both a happy and healthy dog. Almost every food on the market claims to help enhance your dog's nutrition. more

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Water Babies

Category: Dog Life
Photos submitted by Modern Dog readers! Also seen in our Modern Dog Summer 2017 Issue.   Snoopy submitted by Christine Cyr   more
An Eligible, Dog-loving Prince—YES PLEASE!

An Eligible, Dog-loving Prince—YES PLEASE!

Category: Inspire
It seems almost too good to be true. In a real-life fairy tale waiting to happen, we have a prince—yes, a real actual prince—with good looks, charm, fortune, and pedigree, looking for his princess. The scion of an Italian noble family, Prince Lorenzo Borghese can trace his lineage back past the 13th century, but don’t think that makes him stuffy. Our prince loves animals and is devoted to their rescue, rolling up his sleeves and getting down with rescue-dog transport as co-founder of Animal Aid USA. more


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