Canine IQ: How Smart is Your Dog?

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Rare and Endangered Dingo

Dog Takes DNA Test. Turns Out He’s Actually a Rare and Endangered Dingo.

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Imagine awakening to whimpering cries and venturing into your backyard to find a scared, abandoned puppy—or is it a fox kit?—all alone. A resident of Wandiligong, a rural town in the Australian state of Victoria experienced just that. Things only got more interesting when she took the “adorable” animal to her local veterinarian, who suspected the stray pup to actually be a young dingo, a wild dog native to Australia. more

Lawn Chemicals Linked To Two Cancers

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A gorgeous green lawn is irresistible, particularly to pets. But is it harming your dog? A study by the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Purdue University compared environmental exposure histories of two groups of 83 Scottish Terriers and found that the dogs exposed to lawns treated with common garden and lawn pesticides and herbicides were seven times more likely to develop bladder cancer. more
What Are the Signs of Kennel Cough?

What Are the Signs of Kennel Cough?

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Like humans, dogs can experience a noisy, dry cough caused by an irritated throat. However, persistent coughing paired with a fever, nasal or ocular discharge, or loss of voice may be symptoms of a more serious condition, such as kennel cough. more

Know your Breeds: Is the Alaskan Malamute or the Samoyed for you?

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The Alaskan Malamute Affectionate, loyal, and playful more


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