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The Best Golf Crew Ever

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Rick Kaplan is a beloved, if unique, fixture at the Carolina Shores Country Club in Calabash, North Carolina. The 73-year-old plays golf there seven days a week, rain or shine, usually with 15 dogs of all shapes and sizes in tow, from a Labrador to a small terrier. When a video posted to the Instagram account Golfers Doing Things showed Rick on the course with his canine crew, the Internet was enthralled—and wanted answers.  more

Stuff We Love - Winter 2022

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1 Is your pooch prone to ear infections? Non-toxic and safe for dogs, the Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Ear Rinse cleans discharge and buildup, removes pollutants, and reduces ear odour to help keep your pup’s ears healthy and free of irritants.—Connie ($16, more
Free Days With George

How One Man Entered The Unfamiliar World Of Dog Adoption—And How It Saved His Life

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Entering middle age, I was fortunate and happy that my life, by most people’s account, seemed “normal.” I was healthy, worked hard to build a good career, had a nice circle of friends and, most of all, was in love with my “best friend” who was also my wife. I really couldn’t ask for more. So when I came home from a business trip to find out my wife had left, I was shocked and devastated. I felt hopeless and abandoned and had no idea that my way back to happiness was going to be shared and accelerated by another living soul in the same predicament. more
When Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Share the Couch

Dog Training Tip!

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It’s been a long work day and you’re finally home. You change clothes and head wearily to the couch to watch your favourite television show. But surprise! Your dog is already there, happily lounging in your spot. You ask him to get down. He doesn’t move. You ask again. Nothing. Finally, you grab his collar. Suddenly, you discover just how white your dog’s teeth are—he’s showing them to you, and if there was a thought-bubble, it would read, “I don’t think so!” What are you to do?  more

Why Are Dogs So Friendly? Science Now Has An Answer

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Early last fall, while wildfires were ravaging the state of California, a colleague, who is a clinical psychologist, had dropped by my home to help coordinate my participation in a fundraising effort to try to rescue some dogs that had become homeless because of the conflagration. She sat down on a window seat while I went into the kitchen to get her a cup of coffee. While I did so I paused for a moment to let my dogs in from the backyard. Quite predictably, they immediately ran to greet her. more


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