Water Babies

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Photos submitted by Modern Dog readers! Also seen in our Modern Dog Summer 2017 Issue.   Snoopy submitted by Christine Cyr   more

Why We Love Dogs

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I have a friend, Barbara, who has been involved with dogs—as a breeder and a competitor in conformation and dog obedience trials—all of her life. Her parents were also very much involved in dog breeding and competition, and her daughter, Cindy, too, is active in the dog world. Compare this to my colleague, Paul, who has never had a dog, nor has ever had any desire to have one. Paul's parents also never had a dog. His son, Derek, who is now married and in his mid-twenties, also does not have a dog and has no wish for one in the future. more

Want To Teach Your Dog To Talk? Speech-language Pathologist Christina Hunger Shows You How

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Imagine being able to talk with your dogs. What a game-changer it would be for them to be able to give voice to requests and feelings. Well, we’re here to tell you it’s possible. Speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger taught her dog Stella to “talk” using a system she developed employing pre-recorded buttons that can be pushed to say words. Stella now knows over 45 words and can create phrases up to five words long. Variations on “outside” are by far her favourite, surprising exactly zero dog people. more
DIY Eat: Juice Pulp Dog Treats

DIY Eat: Juice Pulp Dog Treats

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If you’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon, you’re enjoying amazing, fresh, homemade juices, but likely wondering: isn’t there something I could be doing with all the leftover juice pulp? Well wonder no longer! You can make these little, healthy, fiber-rich, low-calorie dog treats! Susan Powers of, a fantastic raw food blog, shares this dog-approved recipe. more

DIY Eat: Hide that pill!

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