Family Matters

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I was at a gathering of emeritus faculty members at my university, and a small group of us were standing around drinking coffee and nibbling on cookies while discussing matters that were neither political, philosophical nor earthshaking. At one point during the conversation one of my colleagues took the opportunity to pose a question. She said, "I'm going to visit my dog's breeder this weekend and my husband and I were debating whether Siegfried [her Labrador Retriever] will remember his mother, Ashley. more
How to Tame a Fox

How To Tame a Fox—and Build a Dog

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Suppose you wanted to build the perfect dog from scratch. What would be the key ingredients in the recipe? Loyalty and smarts would be musts. Cute would be as well, perhaps with gentle eyes, and a curly, bushy tail that wags in joy just in anticipation of your appearance. And you might toss in a mutt-like mottled fur that seems to scream out "I may not be beautiful, but you know that I love you and I need you."  more
Finding Wellness Naturally with Homeopathy for Pets

Finding Wellness Naturally with Homeopathy for Pets

Category: Health
Homeopathy has been around for ages. Since at least the 18th century, humans have used homeopathic remedies, designed to heal ailments and maintain good health by triggering our bodies’ own internal systems. Homeopathy practitioners use this ancient form of natural medicine to benefit our pets, too. more
A Bond Like No Other

A Bond Like No Other

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It is 3 a.m. Deborah Groenheyde sleeps fitfully, missing her dogs, Moka and Java. She and her husband adopted the adorable mutts, both tan-coloured with a splash of white, when they were just seven-and-a-half weeks old. A lovable brother and sister pair, Deborah is temporarily separated from them, and their absence weighs heavily upon her heart. more

Unlikely Besties: Dog and Miniature Horse Become “Instant Best Friends”

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Sometimes, a bond transcends obvious differences. Such is the case with Sirius, a sheepdog, and Mercury, a blue-eyed American miniature horse. Like his equine friends at Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, Mercury is a tiny, trained therapy horse, working in hospitals and hospice programs and with families who have experienced traumatic events. more


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