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Types of Barks: 1. Sound the alarm - A rapid string of two to four barks with pauses between is the most common form of barking. It means, roughly, “There’s something going on that should be checked out.” Continuous barking at a lower pitch and slower suggests the dog senses an imminent problem. It means “Danger is very close. Get ready to defend yourself!” more
Pumpkin Ice Cream for Dogs!

Pumpkin Ice Cream for Dogs!

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To help your dog keep cool this summer, try this “ice cream” recipe for dogs! Note: this is a treat best served outdoors, as it can be kind of messy if your dog noses it across the floor while licking away! It’s also a great treat for stuffing in a Kong before freezing. For older dogs with sensitive mouths, allow the frozen cubes to thaw for a few minutes before feeding. INGREDIENTS 1 cup of water 2 chicken livers more
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Disney Plus Debuts New Dog Series

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During the pandemic, many of us are spending just a bit more time than usual on the couch with our dogs. (Anyone else making their way back through series they failed to finish in 2015?)  If you and your dog are looking for something new to binge, Disney Plus, the subscription streaming platform with movie and TV titles from Disney and more, is here to keep you and your dog entertained as long as the quarantine lasts and beyond.  more
Cute Overload

Cute Overload!

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    1. Watson & Kiko 681k followers more
Shed Happens.

Shed Happens.

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Shed happens. It’s a normal process—dogs naturally shed old or damaged hair, though the amount and frequency is determined by breed, your dog’s health, and the time of year. Dogs that develop a thick coat in the winter will shed it in the spring when it is no longer needed for extra warmth. Dogs who are always kept indoors tend to shed evenly throughout the year. more


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