Pet Talk: How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Death

Pet Talk: How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Death

Category: Health
For many of us, the connection we share with companion animals extends beyond just friendly company; our pets are considered a part of the family. The truly unique love between an owner and their pet is something one has to experience to understand. Although a pet may be a very loved and important family member, it is important to be sensitive and aware of your pet’s needs as they age. more

Don't Feed This Type Of Peanut Butter To Your Dog

Category: Health
Peanut butter and dogs—a natural fit, right? Most dogs love it and it’s ideal for stuffing in hollow toys or for disguising pills. But increasingly, xylitol, a sugar substitute used in gum, yogurt, candy, and more, is being used in some peanut butters and nut butters. Safe for humans, xylitol is extremely toxic for dogs and can be life-threatening. more

Apps for Dog Lovers

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Walk For A Dog Available: For Apple and Android Price: Free */ /*-->*/ more
American Humane Association Partners with Modern Dog

Love Animals As Much As We Do?

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Love animals as much as we do? Subscribe to Modern Dog for yourself or a friend today and we'll donate $6 to American Humane Association on your behalf. more
12 days of Dogmas

The 12 days of Dogmas 2016

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12 Days Of Dogmas: Day 1 more


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