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Top Canadian Dog Food Companies

We’ve put together a list of our top Canadian dog food brands to help you learn more about their products. 

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1. CaniSource


CaniSource Grand Cru gives you the benefits of raw with the ease of a kilbble. Their highly nutritive formulas are made of raw meat, raw fish and other fresh food, dehydrated at low temperature to preserve most of the recognized benefits of raw food, while giving you the convenience of handy kibbles. Try their Surf and Turf formula; Free grain Chicken and Duck Formula; Red Meat Formula; Fish Formula; Turkey Formula; and Pork and Lamb Formula. All available in convenient 2kg, 5kg and 10kg


2. Petcurean

Established more than 20 years ago, Petcurean, a proudly Canadian company, is renowned for award winning recipes formulated by expert pet nutritionists under its flagship brands: GO! SOLUTIONS, and NOW FRESH. Petcurean recognizes that pet food is not “one-size-fits-all”, and offers a diverse range of premium-quality recipes to suit the individualized needs of pets GO! SOLUTIONS recipes offer expert solutions tailored to your pet’s dietary needs, from digestion support to limited ingredient recipes for sensitive pets; NOW FRESH recipes are minimally processed with fresh meats and fruits & veggies bursting with essential nutrients, all tailored to life stage and breed size.


3.  Orijen Original Dog Food

Orijen Dog Food is a Biologically Appropriate diet formulated to nourish dogs as "ancestral carnivores" who require fresh meat and protein-rich diets. Packed with 85% quality animal ingredients like free-run chicken and turkey, and wild-caught fish, Orijen dog food is made with the most nutrient-dense, succuelents parts of the "prey" to deliver the nutrition dogs needs, resulting in maximum health benefits. Orijen creates their recipes only with the best, regionally sourced, Canadian ingredients delivered fresh at their door daily and then processed in their own kitchens. This creates a food loaded with flavour and nourishment your dog will love.


4. Dog Child

If you like to cook for your dog, but are worried that the resulting meal may not be nutritionally complete, then you've got to try Dog Child's meal mixes. Add your own ground protein, water and oil to one of their meal mixes to make a fast, nutritious and tasty home cooked meal your dog will love. Try all three meal mixes: Grain Free Meal Mix, Organic Oats & Berries Meal Mix or their Mixed Veggie Meal Mix. Cooking for your dog has never been easier.


5. Harlow Blend 

With over 28 years of experience, the founders of Harlow Blend pour their love, passion and integrity into creating pet food recipes of uncomprising quality that are made with the most healthy,nutritious foods available utilizing only top-quality, natural ingredients with absolutely no chemicals, animal by-products, added salt, added sugar, articlial colourings or flavours, fillers or binders. Their Lamb and Rice recipe is a nourishing & delicious meal that is suitable for dogs of all life stages and is made with free range New Zealand lamb, EU wild salmon (two of the best sources of DHA, for optimal brain development), whole grains, anti-oxidents, herbs and chelated vitamins & minerals. This mouthwatering power-combo brings out a healthier skin and coat, promotes balanced urinary PH levels, and is hypoallergenic. Try their other formulas as well: Chicken, Rice & Vegetable; Fish Fusion and Turkey Fusion. Available in two sizes, 8lbs/3.63 kg or 30 lbs/13.63 kg.


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