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New Treatment For Canine Arthritis

There’s a very cool new regenerative treatment that can help!

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Does your dog have early onset osteoarthritis? Or tissue-related injuries like corneal ulcers, tendon and ligament injuries, joint issues, or superficial wounds? If so, there’s a very cool new regenerative treatment that can help! Biotech company AniCell, which spent years working on acellular regenerative therapy with horses, has now launched a product for dogs. CanisCell uses amniotic components to stimulate the body’s own restoration capabilities to regrow healthy tissue and bone. The amniotic material in their products is collected non-invasively during the births of happy, healthy puppies. When administered to damaged areas like joints, these regenerative, biologic treatments accelerate the healing of connective tissue and bone.

“Veterinarians need treatments that can be used on challenging cases that are both chronic and acute in nature, not products that just treat symptoms,” says AniCell’s bioprocess engineer and research veterinarian, Dr. Moises Barcelo. “Our lines are regenerating tissue systemically at the scaffold level and doing it in superficial lacerations, ligament lesions, tendon injuries, and ocular ulcers through a single use application.”

Dr. Jeffery Richman, DVM of the Richman Animal Clinic in Richmond Heights, Ohio, has seen the results first hand. “After the intravenous CanisCell (for spondylosis) which took less than an hour in an IV infusion, Coop [his canine patient] has significant improvement. He can go for walks, is less painful and most of all seems happier.”

Interested in trying it? The cost is approximately $300 for eye injuries, $1000 for joint treatments, $1500 for tendon and ligament treatments, and $200-500 for superficial wounds. Talk to your vet if you think this could be a fit for your dog. Find out more at

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