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Tiny Dog Stories – Spring 2023

Dog love in short form: miniature, reader-submitted dog stories of no more than 100 words.

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The Dog Bed

In bed, the duvet pulled to our chins, my husband and I call, “Come be cozy. Doggies?” We hear them bound up the stairs and click-clack on the floor. 
Lily, the puppy, leaps on the bed from the doorway, turns in circles and nestles on my legs. Mayzie, the more mature Portuguese Water Dog, launches up and over me, curling up under my husband’s arm.
Cuddling with our dogs, we don’t worry about work, health, aging parents or grown kids. My husband and I slide our hands towards each other. Lights off, hands held, dogs quiet, sleep comes.—Morgan Baker

The Life Changing Love of a Dog

My son has autism and at a very young age he had a hard time navigating the world. Then we got a therapy dog, Wallaby, who helped him to navigate through the loud noises, bright lights, and life’s intense moments. She was our angel; his best friend. She watched him grow and stayed with us as long as she could. From the first moment that she was part of our family, she was on call and never took her eyes off of my son. Wallaby is missed every day. She changed all our lives and was loved with our hearts.—Tracy Hadar



A rescued guard dog, there were no takers. He was on borrowed time. A docile dog, but not readily friendly, they said. He’d had a tough life. Me too. We called him Dweezil. His first sniff of the UK, Hertfordshire countryside air, and we could barely stop him running and bouncing joyfully around like a puppy. That was ten years ago. A big, strong, gentle soul, he has been there with us since. My kids have grown and gone, now he’ll be gone soon too, and I don’t know what I will do then. I really don’t know.— Raymond Dunthorne

Lessons In Love

A little three-year-old Lhasa Apso mix named Logan came into my life from a horrific hoarding situation. It took him a while to master what grass was and that fireflies weren’t trying to kill him. That the barn cat ALWAYS wins and the moon will not go away no matter how long you bark. And that there will always be food and water—and treats. He now knows I will always love him. This was an unusual training/learning curve for both of us. Hoarded dogs need a tremendous amount of patience. He’s turned out to be the most wonderful dog.—C.L. Fogle

A Queen Coronated

Olive was always on the back burner. Adopted as a companion for our spoiled pug Hazel, she accepted her status as little sister, the Princess Margaret of the Pug world. 
Hazel passed away last year and Olive was lost… and frightened. Crying when left alone, Olive grieved. After a proper mourning period, Olive showed a spark. She moved up into Hazel’s former rank and was coronated Queen. With the crown now upon her head, she moves through her days with pride and happiness. She still misses her big sister and carries her torch with dignity.—Dennis Buonagura

Time for Bed

Viviane, my guide dog, is easier to tuck into bed than my children ever were. I simply say, “Go to bed,” and my devoted yellow Lab turns tail mid-step and curls onto her favourite pad. With gratitude, I ease onto my knees and reach out to stroke her fit form. She shudders when I whisper “good dog” into her velveteen ear. She lets out a slow sigh and offers her soft tummy to me. I indulge pretty Viviane with the soothing belly rub she deserves. Vivi works hard. Without hesitation, she enhances my happiness each day.—Marcia J. Wick

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